Grace House

Level 3.1 low intensity residential treatment home for men 18+ diagnosed
with a substance use disorder, serving Maryland.

Grace House

Recovery is a process that must have hope,
and hope creates the journey.


Grace House offers level 3.1 low intensity residential treatment homes in tranquil, park-like settings, for men 18+, diagnosed and recovering from Substance Use Disorder.  Currently pending CARF accreditation and licensing, Grace House plans on opening in the spring of 2024 with more homes opening in the coming year. We are located in Washington County and serve the state of Maryland. Grace House believes that recovery is a process, and that hope creates the journey.  People get sober because they want to and stay sober because they have hope.  

We provide a structured, safe, and supportive staff environment which fosters hope for a life restored.  This healing environment, combined with community involvement, allows individuals in addiction recovery to feel acknowledged as an accepted person in society.  Our core beliefs of recovery integrate the mind, body, and spirit.  Grace House embraces psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs which states that individuals must first have basic needs in shelter, food, safety, combined with a sense of belonging and caring, before achieving higher goals of esteem and self-actualization. 

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Our Counselors

Provide drug and alcohol counseling utilizing evidence-based practice that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing and Twelve Step theories.  A variety of treatment methodologies are applied and include group and individual counseling for substance use disorder, psychoeducational sessions, vocational and job readiness sessions, and community-based support groups.

Include individual and group counseling, basic life skills training, self-help groups, peer counseling, religious/spiritual, wrap around services to include: GED/college/trade programs, employment assistance, medical/dental coordination of care, physical health/exercising/gym membership as an incentive, drug testing, relapse prevention skills, significant other support groups. 

Our Services