Grace House

Serving Maryland

Level 3.1 Low Intensity Treatment Home For Adult Males With Substance Use Disorder



Message from the Founders

Co-founder of Grace House, Joyce Brown has worked and volunteered much of her life with individuals who have endured personal  life struggles that often included drug and alcohol use. Helping others has been paramount in Joyce’s life. This included mentoring young teen mothers as a parent aid,  vocational case management of those previously incarcerated, and  providing educational instruction of those seeking their GED.  Both co-founders Joyce and her daughter Hannah, have experienced the pain and suffering of a close family member who dealt with crippling substance use disorder.  Joyce’s brother, fondly referred to as “Uncle Bob”,  was involved in hard core drug use from the age of 12 until 2 years before his death in February 2023.  

In Loving Memory of Bob
Co-Founders Joyce Brown and Hannah Kline

Bob was a kind and jovial soul, who lived life through the eyes of a compassionate artist, and was always willing to help others.  He obtained healing and sobriety in a court ordered program in Virginia,  that utilized community partners to help restore these individuals.  Bob received a citation from the Governor of Virginia for his successful completion of the program, which culminated with the Governor removing Bob’s  drug charges and thus restoring his civil rights!   Bob even became a peer recovery specialist and had hoped to work in a facility such as Grace House, to help others suffering from substance use disorder.  Unfortunately, Bob passed away February 2023 of a heart attack after having been sober for over 2 years.  When cleaning out his closet, instead of all black leather and t-shirts, many of Bob’s clothes were dress shirts, ties and vests. Although clothes don’t make the man, it was evident that Bob felt like he was once again an accepted member of society because of this community involved program.  Although Bob did not get to realize his dream of working as a peer recovery specialist, his life and dream inspired his family to open Grace House.  Grace House is dedicated in loving memory of Bob, a life restored through hope and purpose.